REAL  NAME: Svetlana Bulskia
TRAINING: Member of the Russian Space Program.
SUPER HUMAN POWERS: Super Hyper Strength.     
ORIGIN: While on a manned mission to Saturn, her teams craft is hit
with solar space radiation waves...but she is outside the vessel when
the violent storm erupts and is thought to be dead by the rest of the
crew...just as the effects of the space storm seem sure to kill the crew,
the now changed Svetlana with her super strength saves the mission
and they return to earth as heros...but there is only one real hero among
them and certain arms of the miltary seek to hold the super woman and
find the origins of her power...she is quarentined and they begin testing
the blue skinned powerehouse, but this is not what she had planned to
do with her new powers. She wants the celebrity she deserves, so she
makes a dramatic break out of the military compound in Siberea and heads
for the one place she knows will acknowledge her great abilities, Hollywood !
There she hides for a short time while enjoying the night life the city has to
offer...back in Russia tests reveal the presence of the Hyper Gene in Miss.
Bulskia's DNA...most scientists there believe their research in the matter has
reached a dead end and scrap the "Ississ Project", but some will not let it 
and it's future military possibilities go, and secretly vow to recapture the runaway
strong woman and continue for the glory of Russian military supremacy...
She is soon contacted by Team Hyper Squad handlers and is convinced she
will receive all the recognition and fame she desires working to fight evil
along side the other members of the team.