REAL NAME: Lacey Masters.
TRAINING: Corporate Executive, Fortune 500 Companies
SUPER HUMAN POWERS: Able to fly at super sonic speeds. A usual
strength increase via the Hyper Gene.
ORIGIN: While serving as CEO for biotech giant Cellcore, Miss
Masters is sent to oversee testing of a new drug, said to be headed
for the common market as a simple pain it turns out
foul play is in the works, & the board of trustees has sent her to
her death when the test site is rigged to release a deadly toxin into
the room...but the aggressive pox awakens her super inner strength
as the Hyper Gene embedded with in her DNA becomes activated,
giving her the gift of flight...she then proceeds to save those at the
test site & put those who plotted against her behind bars. Having
tired of the corporate bullshit that comes with her station, she leaves
the business world & answers the call for a new super team being
formed by the high level security agency, Sentry. Because of her
extensive leadership experience, Lacey Masters is put in charge of
this new team, "TEAM HYPER SQUAD".