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pang lee
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REAL NAME: PangLee - Fighting Bird
TRAINING: As part of an elite ninja gaurd, trained to protect high level
government officials in Japan.
SUPER HUMAN POWERS: Super fighting abilities, speed & a usual strength 
increase via the Hyper Gene.
ORIGIN: The white Dragon Death Girls - a specially trained team using their
superior fighting skills as well as their super proportioned busted bodies, were
a deadly force to reckon with...but their role as simply protectors began to
change into one of assassins when an evil high ranking government official
uses them to further his own agendas...the light hearted PangLee soon see's
what is going on within her beloved sisterhood and plans to bring the man
down...but she is betrayed by one of the White Dragons and is set up to be
killed while on a secret vital mission...Pang is ambushed and hit with a death
drug dart that appears to do it's job...but when the politician seeks proof of
her death he opens the coroners vault to find she is gone but has left a note
vowing her revenge against him and the White Dragons that betrayed her.
The drug activated the dorment Hyper Gene, which then gave PangLee her
super human powers...She then hears of others like herself with new found
powers and travels to the west to join and train with Team Hyper Squad.