REAL NAME:Amber Wells.
TRAINING: Super Model
SUPER HUMAN POWERS: Able to harness the suns ultra violet rays and
discharge them in blast form, strength via the Hyper Gene.
ORIGIN: As one of the worlds top super models, she enjoyed the high &
pampered life...jetting across the globe for appearances & photo ops.
Her obvious sex appeal also attracted the attention of the porn industry
where producers clammered for her to do soft core spots that would
make them & Amber even richer...One such man anamoured with the
big busted, cat eyed beauty, became so enraged at her continuous
turning down of his offers that he enlisted the aid of one of his crime
boss buddies to make sure her last refusal would be her last...refusal...
kidnapped and stripped naked she was tied to a giant Las Vegas solar
tower where upon the suns rising her magnificent body would be fried!
But as the sun did rise that day, in such radiantly deadly glory, a new hero
was born as the Hyper Gene became activated with in Amber Wells female
form...her fury was unleased in super energy blasts originating in the suns
very core, which then proceeded to turn the porn kings limo to molten
steel & glass...she soon heard of others like herself & was surprised to
see that like her, the Hyper Gene also super enhanced their breasts into